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less than 4 inches
4 to 4.9 inches
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Did you know?
• 67% of women said they were unhappy with their lover’s penis size
• Penis size is race related
• Losing of sex drive can be avoided
• Near 85% of men would increase the size of their penis if they knew how

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The surveys
Honestly, the research I've done for this! First, the biggest of them all - no, the biggest survey, I mean: the Definitive Penis Size Sixth Edition, no less, conducted on the Internet, with scientifically analyzed results from over 3100 men and adolescent boys. Are you ready for this? The average length erect, measured along the top of the penis from tip to abdomen, was 6.4 inches (163mm) with standard deviation of 1.2 inches (32mm). The average circumference (girth) at the widest point, regardless of whether this was head, shaft or base of the penis, was 5.0 inches (128 mm) with a standard deviation of 1 inch (26mm). There is definitely little or no correlation between the size of a flaccid penis and its ability to assume a "normal" size when erect. The survey shows that a penis that's less than three inches long when flaccid increases in size on average by 260% when it gets erect, whereas one over three inches long when soft only increases in size by 165%. What this means in practice is that most male penises are between five and six and a bit inches long when erect. This fits well with the data from a survey by the manufacturers of Durex condoms, whose results were basically the same. If you look at their site you will see that they have taken care to exclude the extremes of size, and I think it's reasonable to conclude that if the men whose results have actually been processed were exaggerating, it was more wishful thinking than anything else. Incidentally, Durex report that the widest part of the penis was the coronal ridge around the glans for 42% of men, somewhere on the shaft for 27% of men, and around the base for 12%. The remainder who responded to the question - 14% - said their dick was the same diameter all along its length. There is also data on the Jackin'World site, which is described on the masturbation page, which is very similar. So, it looks fairly conclusive that those are the average sizes - at least for whites. There is some data on the Definitive Survey site about racial differences in cock size (go and look if you want to know!) and the links between cock size and sexual orientation (there aren't any). And in an Internet survey of Asian races, the averages came out somewhat lower: for example, the average length was about 5 inches (120 mm). Now, do you feel better or worse? You probably don't know, because you still don't know where you fit. So, the more interesting results are the ones which show you how many men fall into each size category. Unfortunately, the results of different surveys show less consistency in this respect, even though the averages come out more or less the same. If you turn to the original Kinsey Report survey done with white college males in the 1950's - and assuming the data is correct - you find the following results for the length of the erect male member (with retracted foreskin for uncircumcised men): Length in inches
Percent of men
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But what about this? The latest news on size! (Courtesy of Penis Information) An extract from a news website: "Average penis size shorter than previously believed - official!" "The Lifestyles Condon Company, has carried out the biggest penis size survey for years, in order to establish the real facts about penis size. Perhaps feeling that previous surveys had short changed them, the Lifestyles Condom Company set up a tent outside a night club in New Mexico and offered incentives to 300 college guys to drop their pants, stiffen themselves up and be measured by a team of nurses. The results are interesting, because all previous penis size surveys have relied on guys who were self-selected and measured their own organs - here, groups of guys in the night club were measured by independent nurses giving, hopefully, a degree of objectivity which means that we really know once and for all the size of the average penis! And in case you are eager to discover where you fit on the size stakes, here it is: the average length of an erect male sex organ is 5.9 inches - which might comfort men who previously thought they were less than average. "The Kinsey Sex Report and other penis size surveys have indicated that the length of the penis is 6.2 to 6.4 inches," says Simon Joseph, a spokesman for Lifestyles. "Our results show that about three-quarters of men fall under the average quoted by Kinsey. A half-inch or less might not have anything to do with how you perform sexually, but it might make a difference in how you feel about yourself." It turns out that about 66% of the men ranged between 5.1 inches and 6.2 inches, which matches the results from a survey in Brazil conducted last year. But this isn't the whole story, as anyone who has tried to put a large condom (or even an average one) on a small penis, or vice versa, will know. "It's absolutely important that we have the best information to make the best-fitting condom," said Carol Carrozza, Lifestyle's vice president of marketing. "If a condom is too tight, it constricts circulation. It's uncomfortable, and it reduces sensitivity. If it's too loose, that's dangerous." While a condom is rarely too short, it may well be too tight, or too loose, risking pain or slippage. In this study, the average girth or circumference of an erect penis was 4.97 inches. About 75 percent of men were between 4.5 and 5.5 inches." Adult comics toons free cartoon hentai porn anime manga: comics tgp free galleries toon porn